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Biannual Newsletter - First Edition
First Edition
UN Resolution 1325
UN Resolution 1325
A Vision for Palestinian Womens Rights Organizations based on the Global Study on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325
(Ten strategies for tackling issues pertaining to Women, Peace and Security)
Date posted: October 14, 2011
By Arab World for Research and Development


These are the results and analyses of the latest Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD) public opinion poll, focusing on the Palestinian UN General Assembly bid for statehood. The poll gauged Palestinian opinions on the effectiveness of the initiative, its potential impact on the peace process, the role of international and local actors, and the implications on foreign assistance. The poll also took a closer look at how Palestinians view the peace process, negotiations and use of violence. In addition, the poll questioned Palestinians on their views on a number of internal issues and priorities including elections. The questionnaire was fielded October 2-4, 2011, eight days after the speech delivered by President M. Abbas before the UN General Assembly.

For this survey, 1200 Palestinians were interviewed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. All socioeconomic groups were represented in the poll (for more details on the sample, please refer to www.awrad.org). The margin of error in this poll is plus or minus three percent. The survey was carried out by AWRAD researchers under the supervision of Dr. Nader Said-Foqahaa, President of AWRAD.


  • The majority (65 percent) of Palestinian respondents say that they support the leaderships bid for UN statehood.
  • 37 percent of the Palestinians believe that the UN initiative advanced the Palestinian cause. Forty-four percent, however, do not see it changing the situation.
  • Nevertheless, the majority of respondents (56 percent) believe that the Palestinian leadership should continue to pursue recognition through the UN Security Council.
  • Approximately 68 percent say that their opinions of Turkey had improved as a result of the latters position towards the UN effort.

To View the Full Result as PDF (61 KB)

Source: AWRAD, 13 October. 2011
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