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These are the results and analyses of the latest Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD) specialized public opinion poll with Palestinian youth (18-30 years old) in the West Bank and Gaza. The poll focused on youth activism, political engagement and political orientation. The poll also gauged the opinions of youth on Palestinian internal politics, elections and priorities. In addition, the poll studies the positions of youth on negotiations and peace with Israel.

The questionnaire was fielded 17-19 January, 2012. For this survey, 1200 Palestinian youth were interviewed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. All socioeconomic groups were represented in the poll (for more details on the sample, please refer to www.awrad.org). The margin of error in this poll is plus or minus three percent. The survey was carried out by AWRAD researchers under the supervision of Dr. Nader Said-Foqahaa, President of AWRAD.


  • The majority of youth are skeptical about the direction where the Palestinian society is heading.
  • 48 percent of youth respondents describe themselves as politically very active.
  • 20 percent of the youth participated in activities directed at ending the internal division.
  • 72 percent are willing to participate in protest activities against the occupation.
  • A vast majority of youth (87 percent) have confidence in the ability of their generation to lead the country into the future. However, 57 percent of Palestinian youth feel that they personally cannot have an impact on public life.
  • 43 percent of the youth respondents believe that the changes taking place elsewhere in the Arab world will positively affect the Palestinian situation.
  • A majority of youth (52 percent) express their support for a two-state solution (Israel and Palestine within the 1967 boarders).
  • A majority of youth (59 percent) blame Fatah and Hamas equally for the division.
  • Half of the youth believe that non-violence is the best means to end the occupation and establish an independent state.

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