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Ramallah – 7/7/2020 MIFTAH recently held a discussion session in coordination with the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW), the umbrella organization of the National Women’s Coalition for UN Resolution 1325 in Palestine. The session included a presentation of the methodologies employed by MIFTAH to issue a report on the needs and priorities of Palestinian women within the framework of UNSCR1325, based on its pillars of protection, participation, accountability and prevention, with intersection on the humanitarian security for Palestinian women and girls.

The session opened with head of the GUPW Intisar Wazir who stressed on the importance of focusing on the needs and priorities of women and adherence to the Palestinian women’s vision of the Women’s Coalition for Resolution 1325. She also said pressure at the international level must continue for holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its violations against women.

The discussions and interventions had a great impact in supporting the research team (Creative Solutions Company and team head Dr. Saed Jaser), which proceeds in the preparation of the report on behalf of MIFTAH. The discussions focused on the importance of the report supporting the coalition’s organizations in building on its results regarding the priorities and needs of Palestinian women, on developing future strategic approaches for the coalition, developing lobbying and advocacy tools, amplifying women’s voices regarding accountability of the Israeli occupation and supporting the status of Palestinian women everywhere. The participants also pointed out that the dangers women face during times of conflict and refuge must also be taken into account, including how they will reflect on the strategic approaches of the coalition’s member institutions in the future in terms of protecting Palestinian women inside Palestine or abroad. These approaches, they noted, should also promote women’s political participation at the various levels within the Palestinian political system.

Rima Nazzal, coordinator for the Women’s National Coalition for UNSC Resolution 1325 pointed to the importance of surveying the needs of Palestinian women at the current stage, especially since the survey takes into consideration all places where Palestinians reside; that is, those living under occupation, in refugee camps or in the Diaspora. She said the survey was important in light of ongoing national and political changes in that it could serve a women’s approach to be included within the second generation of the National Action Plan under the leadership of the Higher Committee for UNSCR 1325. She also said it would help in the formulation of the Women’s National Coalition’s direction towards developing an international lobby and advocacy plan. This, Nazzal explained, requires the monitoring and confrontation of Israel’s continuous plans and violations against the Palestinians, especially those pertaining to the “deal of the century” and the annexation plan, and their repercussions on the lives of women. It also includes developments regarding the division and the role and participation of women in achieving reconciliation, restoring national unity and integrating women’s vision in this as a means of promoting their role.

These interventions are part of MIFTAH’s efforts to provide documents, reports, data, facts and figures that support the National Women’s Coalition for UNSCR 1325 and the women’s movement by supporting their efforts in international advocacy for Palestinian demands in addition to the women’s movement’s efforts to end the occupation and revive international solidarity by disseminating the Palestinian narrative. MIFTAH plans to invest the data and information in this report in the women’s movement and the various coalitions, which could later be used in developing their strategies and interventions.

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