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Your Key to Palestine
The Palestinian Initiatives for The Promotoion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

Background: On June 5, 1967, Israel took control of the rest of historical Palestine by occupying the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The United Nations Security Council adopted several resolutions calling for the end of Israel's occupation (including Resolution 242 which called for full Israeli withdrawal) which remain unimplemented. Israelís illegal occupation has transformed into de facto annexation (de jure in Jerusalem since 1980) and is part of its apartheid regime applied across historical Palestine.

The brutal Israeli occupation is characterized by perpetual unchecked crimes and human rights violations and is maintained by various means, such as killings, mass arbitrary detention, home demolitions, forced displacement, construction of illegal settlements, a network of military checkpoints, theft of land and resources, and state-sanctioned settler terrorism. As recently stated by an Israeli army commander: "the army and the settlements are one and the same".

For 55 long years, the Israeli occupation continues with full impunity and no accountability, due to international inaction and double standards. Despite decades-long calls by Palestinians and reports by the most reputable human rights organizations, the world remains silent on the longest military occupation in modern history.


MIFTAH urges the international community to:

  • Hold Israel to the same standard as other states and end its exceptionalism
  • Hold Israel accountable for its persistent crimes and human rights violations through effective and concrete measures
  • End the Israeli occupation and lift the land, air and sea blockade of the besieged Gaza Strip
  • Support the investigation of the International Criminal Court into the situation in Palestine
  • Stop trade and all relations with illegal Israeli settlements
  • Hold Israeli settlers with dual citizenship accountable in their respective states

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