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Biannual Newsletter - Eighth Edition
Eighth Edition
The Constitution
Introductory Bulletin
The Constitution - Introductory Bulletin
Date posted: June 20, 2002
By Palestinians

We the undersigned feel that it is our national responsibility to issue this appeal in light of the dangerous situation engulfing the Palestinian people. We call upon the parties behind military operations targeting civilians in Israel to reconsider their policies and stop driving our young men to carry out these operations. Suicide bombings deepen the hatred and widen the gap between the Palestinian and Israeli people. Also, they destroy the possibilities of peaceful co-existence between them in two neighboring states.

We see that these bombings do not contribute towards achieving our national project that calls for freedom and independence. On the contrary, they strengthen the enemies of peace on the Israeli side and give Israels aggressive government under Sharon the excuse to continue its harsh war against our people. This war targets our children, elderly, villages, cities, and our national hopes and achievements.

Military action is viewed are not assessed as positive or negative exclusively out of the general context and situation. They assessed based on whether they fulfill political ends. Therefore, there is a need to re- evaluate these acts considering that pushing the area towards an existential war between the two people living on the holy land will lead to destruction for the whole region. We do not find any logical, humane, or political justification for this end result.

Dr. Sari Nuseiba
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
Saleh Rafat
Salah Zuheika
Mamdouh Nofal
Hanna Sineora
Dr. Mohammad Ishtiya
Ibrahim Kandalaft
Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj
Dr. Moussa El-Budeiri
Huda El-Imam
Dr. Marwan Abu El-Zuluf
Saman Khoury
Dr. Said Zidani
Dr. Omayya Khammash
Dr. Jad Ishaq
Dr. Manuel Hassasian
Salah Abdel Shafi
Shaher Saad
Dr. Mohammad Dajani
Imad Awad
Fadel Tahboub
Majed Kaswani
Taysir El-Zibri
Dr. Ahmad Majdalani
Dr. Taleb Awad
Khader Shkirat
Zahi Khouri
Majed Abu Qubo
Ehab Boulous
Dr. Isam Nassar
Dr. Salim Tamari
Dr. Suad El-Ameri
Dr. Adam Abu Shrar
Dr. Riema Hamami
Subhi El-Zbeidi
Dr. Munther El-Dajani
Osama Daher
Simone Cupa
Jeana Abu El-Zuluf
Yousef Daher
Jamal Zaqout
Dr. Saleh Abdel Jawwad
Dr. Nathmi El-Juba
Dr. Jamil Hilal
Dr. Arafat El-Hadmi
Dr. Leila Faydi
Dr. Zakaria El-Qaq
Amna Badran
Dr. Ali Qleibo
Marwan Tarazi
Dr. RajaI El-Dajani
Issa Qseisiya
Hani El-Masri
Dr. Jumana Odeh
Lucy Nuseiba
Abdel Qader El-Husseini
Zahra El-Khaldi

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