Gretta Duizenberg's Petition to End the Israeli Occupation
By Samir Abu Rahmeh
November 23, 2002

I am sending you a site for a group of people in the Netherlands headed by a lady, Gretta Duizenberg (This is the banker's wife who caused such a commotion in Holland by hanging a Palestinian flag out her balcony - she has a lot of courage) who is supporting the Palestinian cause. She raised the Palestinian flag on the balcony of her house in Amsterdam. As a consequence, she has received 5000 death and hate letters from pro-Israelis in the Netherlands. However, she received 60,000 supporting e-mails/letters, from Dutch and Arabs in the Netherlands.

She wants to collect 6 million e-mail signature to go to the Dutch and European parliaments to request an end to the Israeli occupation. The Jewish lobby has been very active and filed a lawsuit against her. She needs our support to collect the 6 million signatures from all over the world to challenge them.

Let's support someone who is helping us without any money and at great personal risk. She is invited by Yasser Arafat to visit Ghazza in late November 2002.

She is looking forward to collecting the 6 million signatures before traveling to Gaza.

Please forward to as many people as possible to sign.

Website: (It means stop the occupation.)

Click on the English version.
Translation of the submittal form is as follows:
Naam: name
Beroep/Functie: Function (occupation?)
Plaats: location (country)