Palestine Investment Conference
By MIFTAH's Media Monitoring Unit
August 01, 2008

Unprecedented Media Coverage

The three Palestinian newspapers Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam and Al-Hayat AL-Jadidah thoroughly followed up the Palestine Investment Conference (PIC) held in Bethlehem, West Bank May on 21-23, 2008, with Arab and international participation.

The preparations and activities that preceded convening the Palestine Investment Conference (PIC) received special and wide coverage on all pages, focusing particularly on its economic benefits and on the signed cooperation and partnership agreements, especially in the financial and real estate sectors.

This report monitors the main political and economic headlines about the conference during the period in which it was held, and how each newspaper addressed PIC activities and outcome, both through the reports of its local correspondents and international news agencies, such as Reuters, Agence France Presse (AFP) and the German Press Agency (DPA).

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