MIFTAH holds meeting on ways to support women and youth representation in PLO institutions
November 22, 2017

On November 18, MIFTAH held a complementary meeting on ways to support and promote the participation of women and youth in PLO bodies, namely the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS), through the participation of representatives from Palestinian university student council unions, student body officials and political party representatives.

The meeting included a brief presentation on the results of a research study entitled, “Obstacles which hinder the equal representation of women and youth Leaders to decision-making positions within the Palestinian political system, namely the PLO,” in addition to showcasing the most important items in the political youth document, all of which was presented by MIFTAH project coordinator, Hassan Mahareeq.

In their presentations, the speakers ascertained that there was serious action being taken at the Palestinian political level towards reviving PLO bodies, including GUPS, which must be invested in to support national efforts for achieving this goal.

The speakers pointed to the importance of having a youth movement on the ground to endorse political decisions and translate them into a tangible reality that reflects the mutual interests of youth in the various political factions. This movement, they maintained, would act as an encompassing framework for the revival of any youth action.

The speakers stressed that factions must respond to the aspirations of youth by representing them within these factions and also guaranteeing that democratic means are adopted within them. They stressed on the importance of continuing meetings aimed at reviewing GUPS bylaws; expanding the circle of dialogue between factions at all levels; the need to introduce amendments to the bylaws of student union council elections to guarantee the representation of female students in these unions; supporting a youth movement aimed at galvanizing GUPS, which they said also requires the formation of a preparatory committee to follow up on implementation.

This complementary meeting is part of MIFTAH’s endeavors to promote the active participation of all sectors of Palestinian society, women and youth in particular. This is line with MIFTAH’s strategy, which focuses on good governance in Palestine through empowering women and youth leaders to reach decision making positions, thereby impacting and making changes at the local and national level.

This complementary meeting came as part of MIFTAH’s project “Promoting the participation of women and youth at decision making levels within the Palestinian political system, specially within PLO”. This project is implemented in partnership with Euro- med Women, through which MIFTAH aims to influence policy formulation towards promoting women and youth participation.