MIFTAH holds meeting for presentations by interactive group initiatives within the 'Shufuna' platform
January 18, 2020

Within the project, “Shufuna” (Towards increasing representation and participation of women in national dialogue and decision-making positions) implemented in partnership with UNDP and Watan Media Network, MIFTAH held a broad-based meeting of interactive groups within the “Shufuna platform” in which nearly 123 representatives of the groups participated. The groups were formed by MIFTAH in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which has been working with them since September, 2019.

During the meeting, the initiatives were presented by the interactive groups, which will be implemented in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with the participation of all social sectors. The goal of the initiatives is to create popular action towards the integration of women and youth and to increase their representation in national dialogues and decision-making positions. The initiatives will include a number of activities such as: “drama for change”, combatting incitement media, integrative sports, ‘Let’s draw for the homeland” and improvement of women’s protection, which will be implemented during the first quarter of 2020.

It should be noted that the meeting included a discussion on the mechanisms for implementation, which were agreed on during the consultation and planning meetings held in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was during these meetings that the follow-up and coordination teams were chosen for each initiative separately.

These initiatives are considered a preliminary executive step for the strategic approaches produced by the “Shufuna” groups. They also achieve their main objectives: active women’s participation in the democratic transfer of power, representation in decision-making positions, active communication between citizens of the Gaza Strip and West Bank and supportive social awareness for women’s active participation in decision-making and national reconstruction.

MIFTAH project manager Najwa Yaghi said the meeting was part of MIFTAH’s efforts to press for the integration and involvement of women and youth in dialogue circles and national decision-making to influence the formulation of public policies.

MIFTAH’s Gaza Strip coordinator, Shadia Al Ghoul maintained that these meetings were a reflection of MIFTAH’s work in promoting unifying dialogue platforms for all sectors of Palestinian society in all geographic locations as contribution to raising the voices of women and youth in calling for an end to the division and achieving national unity.