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The Palestinian Initiatives for The Promotoion of Global Dialogue and Democracy
Policy dialogue and good governance
  • Fiscal Justice (FJ)
  • MIFTAH has been working on this program since 2005 and it goes under MIFTAHís strategic direction ďto influence policy and legislation to ensure their safeguarding of civil and social rights for all sectors and their adherence to principles of good governanceĒ. FJ contributes in maintaining pro-poor fiscal policies through adopting principles of transparency, accountability, social justice and reducing inequalities. FJ assists in enhancing public budget transparency through the institutionalization of strategic partnerships with the public sector to mainstream transparency and participatory measures in budget practices  Read more ...

  • Election Support
  • This long-standing program is one of MIFTAHís strategic pathways to promoting Good Governance and Democracy since 2003. MIFTAH, through this program, aims at enhancing and empowering women and youth participation and engagement in elections as voters and candidates, with the view of advancing their representation in decision-making positions. MIFTAH through this program has assisted tens of elected women to reach decision-making positions and provided the opportunity for Palestinian women to be better prepared to take on political roles and to become involved in political and public spheres.  Read more ...

  • Women Protection from Gender-based Violence (GBV)
  • is one of MIFTAHís strategic programs which aims to contribute in influencing the formulation of public polices and reforming national legislations to ensure the protection of womenís rights and to reduce violence and its spread within the Palestinian society.   Read more ...

  • Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)
  • MIFTAH continuously works towards enhancing the leadership role of Palestinian youth and empowering young Palestinians to shoulder responsibilities towards social and political change and to become capable of voicing their rights at the local, national and international levels.   Read more ...
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A Vision for Palestinian Womenís Rights Organizations based on the Global Study on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325
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