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The truce between Hamas and Israel was given broad coverage in the Palestinian media. It lasted for six months starting from June 19, 2008 until December 19, 2009 and included many violations and accusations on who was trying to break it. By the end of the truce, the countdown had begun for the Israeli operation, which many analysts noted was in its advanced stages and had reached the point of no return. Eventually, it took place on December 27, 2008 when Israeli war planes began bombing the Gaza Strip in what was later considered the harshest Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people since the Nakba (Catastrophe). The Israeli government dubbed the operation “Cast Lead” while Palestinian resistance factions coined the term “Oil Spot” for their campaign of rockets launching from Gaza.

The three Palestinian papers dedicated their entire front pages to the Gaza incident. All the news on these pages was related to the Israeli bombing of Gaza, in addition to statements and efforts by Palestinian leaders including President Mahmoud Abbas and the government to halt the Israeli aggression. Furthermore, the statements made by Hamas leaders inside and abroad and by the deposed government, appeared on the inside pages. Devoting the entire front page to news and special reports about what was taking place in Gaza was a sound option in that it reflected the gravity of the situation and the magnitude of the disaster in the Strip.

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